Setting up for trade shows is a lot of work because you have two days to move in and set up an entire shop (including bringing in walls), only to take it down after a few days.

What I enjoy about doing these kinds of shows is being able to display my line in the way that I want to. The look I go for is boutique with a gallery influence (from NSCAD). For me it’s about showcasing the individual pieces and keeping display props to a minimum to best feature the felt detailing.

Before and after shots from my previous shows:

One of a Kind Chicago 2010

Circle Craft-Vancouver 2010

I had a lot of help with this one! My family lives in Vancouver and my wonderful brother built this booth for me and my dad helped get the walls up on location. What a difference it made to have that help. It still took me longer to put up the shelves than it took my dad and brother to install the structure.


One of a Kind Toronto 2010

My longtime friend Mairin (who I stayed with during the show) was kind enough to lend me her dresser for the week and even helped me move it there.


Some highlights. I love rearranging the colour combinations throughout the duration of the show and coming up with different arrangements. The only problem is that I often forget to take photos.


















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