At Home: Painted Kitchen Chairs

Mismatched Chairs Painted - Shibang Designs
When looking for chairs in our kitchen I wanted something second hand, good quality and durable. Knowing that I would paint the chairs made it easier to find four that were similar but different and could be unified once unified in the same colour.
Here are our kitchen chairs painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite. I was lucky to find them on Kijiji from Cindy who paints a lot of furniture herself and had already done the work in collecting them.
wooden chairs
Shibang Designs - Graphite Chalk Paint
Shibang Designs - Graphite Chalk PaintAfter over a year the paint has held up well with only a tiny worn spots where the chair hits the table when it’s pushed in.
Shibang Designs - Graphite Chalk Paint Chairs