Plum Tree Weddings

One and Only Paris Photography

Over the past couple of weeks a giveaway has been running on Plum Tree Weddings, a UK based wedding blog with a focus on global weddings. Beautiful images from weddings around the world and inspirational colour themes and ideas are all together on this site. Below are a few images from Plum Tree Weddings and if you click through they’ll lead you to the source.

P at Dy Photography

Jose Villa Photography

This was the cosmetic case giveaway — thank you to everyone who entered.

Another place to find Plum Tree Weddings is on Pinterest. I highly recommend following her boards, the images are stunning.

Wedding Crafts

Besides making purses for Shibang, I was busy during the past month making wedding related crafts and my dress. The dress I draped on my dressform and created the pattern as I went. The other details my mum and I worked on together, including the luggage tag place cards. Since most people coming to the wedding were travelling we thought that luggage tags would be appropriate. I designed the pattern and my mum did all of the rest of the work. Above is the kitchen table we were working at, my dress in progress on the left, luggage tags on the right and freshly cut roses from the garden that my brother brought in for us to enjoy.
My mum also has a blog, Stitchaholick and we were having a little competition about who would put the photos up first, she won. Her blog and write up can be seen here.My husband even helped with the final touch of hammering the grommets into the tags.

Here is the final product, for us I wrote Bride & Groom since there aren’t many opportunities to say that.

New Online Shop

Introducing a New Online Shop

During the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new online shop for Shibang Designs. I still have the Etsy shop running but wanted to create something else that’s more accessible for people who don’t have Etsy. These are some screenshots from the shop which is live at the new

Along the top bar are categories for each product gallery.

When looking at the products if you scroll your mouse over the image it will show a detailed view as shown above. More items are being updated frequently. I just made a variety of new clutches which will be up soon.

Take a look: