Process: Screen Printing

Last week I was filling out some forms, describing all of the stages that go into making a Shibang purse. What I realized was that there is one important stage that I don’t highlight very much, screen printing. I use screen printing as a layer in the design and then add dimension with embellishment on top.

The branches are the design that I am referring to. They were first drawn with charcoal onto tracing paper, then exposed onto the screen (which was coated with photo sensitive emulsion). This design with the branches began as a way to create a lighter look for the felt by adding blossoms or smaller flowers. What originally was a spring/summer look has now been continued through to winter styles by changing the colours. The colours that I mix up for the pigments change every few months as well for a slightly different look.

First I cut the pattern piece and then individually print each piece.

Usually I print a batch of one colour at once and then get the mess cleaned up and back to sewing. Once I’m done printing I roll the vinyl cover back over the table and continue to lay out the fleece and construct the bag.

This is the rest of the table that I wanted to include because I made it myself, and for me it was a big project.


Road Trip to PEI

One thing that I love about living in the Maritimes is that there are so many nice places to go for a little getaway. This weekend we drove to Prince Edward Island. The island is famous internationally for it’s delicious potatoes and the book Anne of Green Gables. An important part of  my purses comes from here as well. The wool roving that I dye and felt for the floral applique comes from MacAusland’s Woolen Mill in Bloomfield, PEI.

This trip was brief so we only visited Charlottetown. All of the homes and buildings in the downtown area are historic and very well maintained.  If you haven’t tried award winning Cows ice cream it’s a must this summer. The company is based out of PEI but has other locations in Nova Scotia, BC and Alberta. It really is the best ice cream.

We stayed at The Rodd Charlottetown which was is an elegant and historic hotel built by CN Railways in 1931.
I loved the old faucets in the bathroom, black and white mosaic flooring and glass door knobs.
There are lots of well manicured parks all around Charlottetown which was a nice surprise because we brought Cali.Crossing over the Confederation Bridge is always a marvel. The engineering of this 12.9 Km bridge is one of Canada’s top engineering achievements of the 2oth century. The most amazing part is that when you’re driving on the bridge there’s no end in sight.

There’s a little peak at this part of Canada. I would highly recommend visiting the Prince Edward Island for a summer vacation.

New Shades of Grey, Cream & Silver

Here’s a look at some of the new fabrics I picked up while in Toronto. What’s coming –more shades of grey, silver, light cream and white leather.

Another change are the labels that are put in each bag. Previously I screen printed fabric for the labels but now I’m using ones that are jacquard woven. The logo is robin’s egg blue which is the same accent colour used on every floral applique.

Styles to Come

Custom Orders

In December I had a couple of requests for modifications of existing styles of purses. I am always open to suggestions and custom orders. Often if one person is looking for a particular style there are others thinking the same. Here’s a peak at two styles of purses to come.

Laptop Carrying Case

Clutch with Removable Chain Strap

These styles will be available late February.