FRED Summer in the City

FRED, located in Halifax, is a lifestyle boutique connected with the community and acting as a one stop destination for art, food, beauty and salon. Recently they started publishing a quarterly magazine, featuring local food, recipes, health, beauty & fashion. Here’s a peak at this sleek magazine available around Halifax.

In the fashion section a clutch by Shibang is styled with this perfect summer look.

If you’re in Halifax it’s worth stopping by FRED for a haircut, to try their house line of beauty products or to have a delicious latte. FRED is located at 2606 Agricola St, Halifax.

Halifax on a Cloudy Day

Today is June 1st and it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted something. May was a cloudy month with such few hours of sunshine you could count them. The good news is that the air is fresh and the streets, gardens and parks have colour once again. Last week I was taking some pictures of Halifax for an article I was working on and thought I’d share these photos taken around the city.

Looking down from Citadel Hill this is the town clock and the Halifax harbour behind.

This is facing the North End with the MacDonald Bridge in the background and the big purple apartment buildings that I lived in when I first moved to Halifax.

Here is the outside of the forts at Citadel Hill, a national historic site built in the 1800’s by the British to protect the city.

I love the colourful homes around the North End as well as the Victorian homes around other areas of the city.

The Hydrostone is one of my favourite areas, a hidden gem that is only one block full of great shops, cafes and restaurants. Lady Luck Boutique is located here and was the first shop to carry Shibang while I was a student.