Easter Floral Ideas

Here are a couple of budget friendly ideas for this holiday weekend. I prefer to use potted plants when there’s nothing available in the yard to clip from.

Table Centerpiece

My sister had been holding onto a couple of dishes that had belonged to our Nonna and to me they seemed perfect for floral centerpieces.

I used pansies in their plastic cell pack for one and simply put the container directly into the ovenware.

They’re the right height for being in the table and after the weekend they can be planted outside. Plus pansies are perfect for garnishing food.

Celebration Arrangement

For this arrangement I used 2 containers of potted tulips. I chose ones that were at different stages in growth, one being quite small so that there is time for it to bloom a bit later.

A video of the steps are here on my Instagram

There are pinecones at the bottom for drainage as well as on top to fill in any gaps. Pinecones could be substituted for pebbles.

I put little glass jars into the soil to hold some little blossoming branches I cut. The arrangement will change with time as the tulips grow.

Once the tulips are finished I will plant them outside to bloom next year and the pinecones will go back outside.


In the end of February we had to put down our beloved Cali. He has been my companion with every house project on this blog until now. He lived a full and healthy age until 12.5 years and home just doesn’t feel the same without him.

Here’s a look back to one of my my first home blog posts from 2014 when we started out in our first home in Montreal.