What Got Me Started Creating

When Holly of My Scuttle was interviewing me for her blog one of the questions she asked was what got me started creating. The response is my mum, Heather. She’s so creative and fostered a wonderful environment that encouraged my siblings and I to make crafts. The craft cupboard was always stocked with all sorts of different supplies for projects.

My mum has a passion for quilting which influenced my choice of textiles for a career.

She has recently started her own blog Stitchaholick where she shares the projects she makes. I wanted to share this quilt called “Overgrown” because it is my all time favourite and I’m lucky enough to have it in my home.

I love the chocolate brown with the vibrant colours. The printed fabric by Valorie Wells was the source of inspiration for the colour palate. This quilt is full with details of vine and floral appliques combined with beading embellishment. It makes me happy.

So now you can see where my love of textiles comes from.