Museo Del Oro

When I introduced gold into my recent pieces it got me thinking about how inspired I was by The Museum of Gold. Last year my husband and I went to visit his hometown of Bogota, Colombia. One of the places that he took me to was this museum. 
At the time I took a ton of photos in the museum of the beautiful pieces and the way that they were displayed. So on the topic of gold here are some photos from inside the museum of some of my favourite pieces. There is a lot more information available about the history on the museum website

This shape really interested and in the gift shop they sell cast replicas of some of the pieces with information about which time period they’re from. I thought that these earrings below were the perfect souvenir. 



Last week I returned from a two week trip to South America. I went to Colombia with my fiancé Juan, to meet all of his family and see his country for the first time. We stayed in Bogotá (the capital city) with his parents for the majority of the time and also took a trip to the Caribbean coast where we spent a few days in Cartagena.

The colours, lush vegetation, mountains and the many new fruits I tried were all very inspirational. Here are a few photos from both cities and an island that we visited.


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