Holiday Home 2022

It’s a few days until Christmas, the snow continues to pile up outside & the house is decked out in fresh greens.

Here’s a look at how I decorated our house this year. I used Cedar, Noble Fir and eucalyptus.

This year red ribbon has been popular in my shop and I used shades of it in our home too.

The constants for me are fresh wreaths inside & out, pine/fir boughs in every room & bathroom, a tree alternative like branches or this year our 5′ tall ficus wrapped with lights.

I made 3 wreaths for the front windows from the same boxwood plant in our yard that I use every year. The more I prune it, the better it grows back.

There are lots of plastic ornaments available at thrift stores that can be painted. I used homemade chalk paint to change the bright shiny blue to a matte off-white that reminds me of snowballs. Make sure to let the paint dry between coats

This garland on the mantle is made up of a bunch of jars from our pantry. Real ones dry up as soon as the fireplace is on so I wanted to try an alternative. It works well, I would advise using large, wide jars that won’t tip over and fall.

The bowl that holds the pinecones we found belonged to my Great Nana.

This black vessel was my Nonna’s and the ornament was made by my mum with leftover wool from a coat I made.

The cedar is real as lasts a few weeks as long as the water is topped up. At the end of the holidays I will take apart the wreaths & put the greens in the yard waste.

Happy Holidays!

Circle Craft – Vancouver

V a n c o u v e r   C o n v e n t i o n   C e n t r e

November. 17-21st

Wednesday – Friday  10am – 9pm
Saturday  10am – 7pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm
More information:

It’s great to be in the company of friends.

Also at the show are two friends of mine who are both weavers. Vanessa of Vanessa Thackray Cunningham is a classmate from Capilano University where we both completed Diplomas in the Textile Arts Program. Lesley and her company Armstrong Textiles has also travelled across the country from Halifax to be at the show. As well as running her own business, Lesley is also a professor at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD) and she has been a great mentor to me.


Vanessa – Vanessa Thackray Cunningham

Lesley – Armstrong Textiles