At Home: Garage & Front Door Paint Makeover

Exterior Paint

It’s amazing how quickly and inexpensive it is to transform something with paint. This was a makeover I gave our front door, garage & post with these three small cans of paint.

Garage before

We have a semi detached home and I wanted our garage door to match with our neighbours so I did a colour match and then painted fake windows along the top. I love the look of windows on garages and since we weren’t going to be replacing ours this did the trick by masking off the lines with tape and using paint from the front door.

painted garage

Front Door Before

This was a really straightforward and inexpensive project that gave the impact I was looking for and worked with what we already had – except for the paint.

Front Door PaintedAdding Curb Appeal

Here are updated photos from 2017 after I changed the light fixtures. I was a week before my due date and those nesting instints were the motivation to learn how to change exterior light fixtures…go figure. Anyway it wasn’t too hard to do though I was nervous and it made a huge improvement to the look outside.

Shibang Designs Front door

A reminder of what it looked like when we moved in – maroon & beige.

Front Door Before

Shibang Designs - front door

garage before shibang

I love decorating for the seasons so here’s the garage in winter with a garland I made from the spruce tree in our front yard.

Shibang Designs Garage Winter


9 thoughts on “At Home: Garage & Front Door Paint Makeover”

  1. You are brilliant. I just came across your blog while searching for home decor ideas and I love your creativity. I wish I were half as good as your are.

    I am planning to re-do my living room, or rather I’m planning a proper decor for it for the first time and I’m totally lost. Would you be able to give me some suggestions if I post some pictures for you?

    I’ll really appreciate it.

    1. Thank you! The front door is Blackout by Behr and the garage door was a colour match to my neighbours. It makes such a difference to paint the garage you should do it!

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