At Home: DIY Projects in Our First House

Since having our baby at the end of November I haven’t been doing as much sewing but I have been working away at projects around our new home. This is our first house and we moved in at the beginning of October so I did what I could while pregnant and then once our baby was born I spent a lot of time staring at the walls I desperately wanted to paint.

Browsing Pinterest and blogs inspired me by seeing what other people had done to transform their homes with simple updates that can make a big impact.

Using paint can go a long way. This was what I first started with since it is the focal point of our living room and this combination of oak, dark blue and beige just didn’t work for me.

Before & After Fireplace with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint by Shibang Designs
I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White to do the fireplace. It was so easy to use with no surface preparation needed.
Oak Fireplace Redo with Chalk Paint {Shibang Designs}
Here it is after one coat of paint and in total I think it took about three coats to get even coverage.
Shibang Designs3
This is a wood scroll that I glued on to add more detail to the woodwork.
Here is a close up of the finished fireplace which was sealed with the Annie Sloan clear wax. Using the wax was the worst part of doing this project because it has a really strong odour.
shibang designs 7

Once the fireplace was painted the dark blue suddenly looked much richer with the contrast against the bright white. I knew that I would paint the fireplace white but I didn’t expect to keep the dark blue wall but that ended up being my favourite accent colour and I have carried it throughout our home. 

There are other things that have changed in the before and after picture besides the fireplace but I’ll share that painting in another post.


8 thoughts on “At Home: DIY Projects in Our First House”

  1. Hi, great job! I am thinking of doing the same with my fireplace, but was concerned with the gas heat and fire regulations using Chalk paint vs. latex? Do you use your gas fireplace regularly – moreso in the cold weather? Thanks.

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