Dots & Loops Handmade

183 Lincoln Street, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

This weekend I went to visit a new shop that opened in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia earlier this month. Dots & Loops Handmade is owned and run by Melanie Strong and Stephen Bishop.

Their mission is to provide a handcrafted alternative to mass-produced housewares, clothing, accessories, toys and clothing. The shop is located in a beautiful heritage building which perfectly displays these handmade goods from around the world.

Stephen has a studio in the back area of the shop where he prints posters, like the two on the left in the photo above.

They carry several styles of purses and cases by Shibang and they are also the first store in Canada to carry the new wall art.

The shop has been very busy with many items selling out already but don’t worry, they’re already restocking.

For more information and shop hours visit or see them on Facebook – Dots & Loops.


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