Vanessa Neily

I have many talented and artistic friends. I’ve been wanting to share the work of my close friend Vanessa Neily but had to wait until Easter because her work is so perfect for this time of year. Vanessa refers to her work as decorative craft and jewellery. She combines textiles and brightly coloured enamel in the most original and fun way.

Vanessa’s Sift & Stich Jewellery Shop on Etsy has a variety of cute and colourful items for sale. Here’s a look at some:

Description of the pieces by Vanessa:

For the Easter enthusiast, this piece is part of a series inspired by the highly detailed and colourful craft of Ukrainian egg decorating, known as Pysanky.

Using a combination of traditional ornamental Ukrainian motifs mixed with my own intricate line drawings, I paint free hand with enamel over the domed copper “egg”.

Vanessa also has a line of rug hooked animal brooches. I just love the colour, texture and innovative combination of rug hooking and metal smithing in these. This cockatoo is my favourite.

Here’s a glimpse of and clicking on the photo below will connect you to her site.


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